Open letter to individuals looking to play in the Heartland Poker Tour at Ameristar, East Chicago:

The Heartland Poker Tour is a high profile event for Ameristar East Chicago. Before you consider playing in the tour, you should know that the servers, bar staff, and housekeepers at Ameristar Casino have called for a boycott of the casino because the casino has not settled a contract with them since 2013. Now Ameristar has cut off the affordable family health insurance plan these employees have had for years.

You have the opportunity to support the hard-working servers, bar staff and housekeepers at this casino. The people who make and serve your drinks, clean the casino, and serve your food while you are at Ameristar are fighting to provide stable lives for their families and keep family health insurance affordable for years to come, so they won’t have to rely on hand outs or public aid in the future.

If you will commit to boycotting Ameristar – not eating, drinking, playing, or spending any money at the casino – until the casino can settle a fair contract with its union employees, please sign the online petition.

A picket at Ameristar, East Chicago