Legal Update: Ameristar’s Appeal “Dismissed Without Prejudice”

UPDATE: Last year Ameristar appealed a trial court decision in which it lost against UNITE HERE Local 1. That appeal has now been “dismissed without prejudice.”


You may remember the lawsuit.  Ameristar filed the suit against Local 1 in connection with our communications with regular customers of Ameristar to let them know that Ameristar wanted to take away the affordable family health insurance plan that employees have had for years. The lawsuit, which was filed in Lake County Superior Court, was dismissed on August 13, 2015.


The trial court rejected Ameristar’s claims and affirmed the right of employees to provide the names of regular customers to Local 1, so that Local 1, together with Ameristar employees and other union members, may publicize the union boycott. Ameristar appealed the trial court’s decision.


The appeal that Ameristar filed was “dismissed without prejudice” on August 11, 2016. Ameristar employees continue to have the right to provide names of regular customers to Local 1.


order dismissing case


UNITE HERE Local 1 will continue to exercise our First Amendment rights to communicate with regular customers of Ameristar Casino until the union members at Ameristar have a fair contract.