Legal Update: Ameristar Appeals

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UPDATE:  Ameristar Casino is appealing the court case they lost against UNITE HERE Local 1.  This is more evidence that it is willing to spend money on high-priced Chicago lawyers that it won’t spend on health-care for its workers.


You may have heard about the lawsuit that Ameristar filed against Local 1 in connection with our communications with regular customers of Ameristar to let them know that Ameristar wants to take away the affordable family health insurance plan that employees have had for years.  The lawsuit, which was filed in Lake County Superior Court, was dismissed on August 13.


The Court rejected Ameristar’s claims and affirmed the right of employees to provide the names of regular customers to Local 1, so that Local 1, together with Ameristar employees and other union members, may publicize the union boycott.  Ameristar Casino is appealing the court case they lost against Local 1.


Now, more than ever, Ameristar workers need your voice and support.  Let Ameristar Casino hear how you feel about this boycott by writing them a letter that tells them you support the boycott and want to protect the rights of Local 1 and its members.  Your actions and continued support can make a difference to our members.  Please address your letter of concern to:


Reggie Dotson
Public Relations Manager
Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago
777 Ameristar Blvd.
East Chicago, IN 46312


You can also send an email or make a phone call to Mr. Dotson at (816) 414-7129 or [email protected]