Important Legal Victory in Ameristar Boycott

You may have heard about the lawsuit that Ameristar filed against UNITE HERE Local 1 in connection with our communications with you and other regular customers of Ameristar.  We are pleased to report that the lawsuit, which was filed in Lake County Superior Court, was dismissed on August 13.  This occurred after Ameristar did extensive discovery and presented abundant evidence to the Court to try to prove its case.  The Court rejected Ameristar’s claims and affirmed the right of employees to provide the names of regular customers to Local 1, so that Local 1, together with Ameristar employees and other union members, may publicize the union boycott.

We are glad that this litigation is behind us.  We look forward to the opportunity to have a meaningful discussion with you, and other regular customers, about the important issues that prompted Ameristar employees – your bartenders and servers – to call for this boycott.  We want to talk to you about how you can help.  And we want to talk to you away from the casino, where Ameristar management and casino hosts cannot listen in.

Ameristar tried to take the opportunity to talk away from us.  Ameristar failed.

If you have questions or would like to set up a meeting, you can email Noah Carson-Nelson, from Local 1, at [email protected]