Postcard Mailed to Ameristar Customers

Last week, some customers of Ameristar received this postcard about Jessica Levin’s termination and one customer’s reaction to it.

use DP postcard
use dp jl postcard

Ameristar Workers Ask Guests Approaching Casino to “Turn Around!”

At the weekly pickets of the casino, workers have been asking guests driving up to the casino on Cline Avenue to turn around and take their business elsewhere.USE flyer

#BoycottAmeristar BBQ Fridays Kick Off!


Friday the 15th of May saw the first of the Ameristar Boycott’s weekly Friday actions as we continue to fight for a fair contract that includes our union health insurance. Ameristar workers were joined by members of UNITE HERE and other Northwest Indiana unions. Join us next Friday afternoon (and every week ‘til we win!) outside Ameristar, for picketing, grilling, games, and talking to customers about the labor dispute.

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Former Customers Speak Up For Ameristar Workers

After Ameristar workers reached out to their community asking for a boycott of the casino, customers began to respond—saying they wouldn’t be back until a fair contract was settled. Two former customers share why they are boycotting:

olga pic dave pfiefer face pic
I used to play at Ameristar. I decided I wouldn’t go there anymore because if they couldn’t at least keep the same insurance plan that the workers there had, then I would help by not going.Ameristar’s not doing it for the workers, they’re more for themselves. They’re more worried about their money that’s coming in.

-Olga Silvas

I consider myself a loyal guest at Ameristar East Chicago. The employees that work there are, in my opinion, some of the best in their fields…I am a union member for 40 years in Local 17 Heat and Frost Insulators. We have a very strong presence in Northwest Indiana.I am joining the boycott of Ameristar, and am going to pass the word to all my union friends in all aspects of the building trades to do the same.

-David Pfeifer

Ameristar Workers Attend East Chicago City Council

Ameristar buffet server, Dawn Silvas, addressed the East Chicago City Council at their meeting on May 11, 2015. After the meeting, Dawn and other Ameristar workers spoke with many city councilors and members of the public […]

Ameristar Worker’s message on health insurance enrollment

Starting May 1st, Ameristar stripped union casino workers of the affordable family health insurance plan they have had for years. Instead, they are being left with Pinnacle Entertainment’s health insurance plan. While enrolling, workers are sending the following letter to Anthony Sanfilippo, CEO of Pinnacle. The message is clear: Ameristar workers will continue to fight, even in the face of intimidation and bullying.

enrollment action image

Picket at Ameristar

4.25 action photo

Dozens of hearty souls braved the cold, rain and wind on Saturday April 25th to picket outside Ameristar. Casino workers were joined by union brothers and sisters from the striking BP Oil Workers, the Northwest Indiana Federation of Labor, and downtown Chicago hotels. The servers, bartenders, cleaners, and bussers of the casino are protesting the fighting Ameristar’s plan to strip away the affordable family health insurance plan they have had for years.

Shop Steward Terminated

legalized jessica imageOn April 17 Jessica Levin, a 6-year bartender and shop steward at Ameristar, was fired for calling customers about the boycott. Hundreds of people have declared their support for Jessica by sharing her story on social media.

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Picket at Ameristar

4.10 action photo

Ameristar workers and allies picketed on April 10th at the casino. Casino servers, bussers and cleaners asked guests driving up to the casino to turn around and go to Majestic Star or Blue Chip, where workers have a fair contract. Cars also were invited to pull over to talk to Ameristar workers. Workers shared with guests how losing the affordable family health insurance plan that they have had for years would affect their lives.

Ameristar Workers Reach Out To Customers About Labor Dispute

The Ameristar worker organizing committee wants to make sure their customers know to stay away from the casino until a fair contract is settled. We are reaching out to their longtime customers through letters, postcards, and phone calls to tell them […]