The cleaners, servers, and bartenders at Ameristar Casino, East Chicago, have called for a boycott of the property.

In late 2012, Ameristar was purchased by Pinnacle Entertainment, a corporation based out of Las Vegas. The union contract expired around that time, Ameristar has not agreed to a new contract since then. Now, Ameristar has cut off the affordable family health insurance plan employees have had for years. Workers are asking customers to stay away from the property until a fair contract is settled.

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3 reasons to boycott Ameristar

  1. Ameristar is taking away the affordable health insurance we have had for years. We have fought hard for an affordable family health insurance plan that allows us to maintain a good standard of living, Ameristar is trying to take that insurance, and that standard, away.
  2. Ameristar fired a long time bartender for contacting guests about the boycott. In April Jessica Levin, a union shop steward, was suspended and then fired for contacting to guests about the boycott—protected union activity.
  3. We are a union community. Working people and our unions built Northwest Indiana and fought to raise our standard of living. We have been here for generations—and we must refuse to let an outsider like Pinnacle destroy the union.

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